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Women Who Count: Honoring African American Women in Mathematics

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Tessellations, palindromes, tangrams, oh my! Women Who Count: Honoring African American Women Mathematicians is a children's activity book highlighting the lives and work of 29 African American women mathematicians, including Dr. Christine Darden, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Dorothy Vaughan from the award-winning book and movie Hidden Figures. Although the book is geared toward children in grades 3–8, it is appropriate for all ages.

The book includes portrait sketches and biographies for the featured mathematicians, each followed by elementary-school and middle-school activity pages. Children will enjoy uncovering mathematicians' names in word searches, unscrambling math vocabulary words, solving equations to decode interesting facts, using logical thinking to uncover magic squares, locating hidden objects on an “I Spy” page, and more! They will also read about the important contributions of Drs. Martha Euphemia Lofton Haynes, Evelyn Boyd Granville, and Marjorie Lee Browne, the first three African American women to receive doctoral degrees in mathematics. Other women profiled include contemporary mathematicians who will inspire today's children to become tomorrow's leaders. Women Who Count is a must-read for parents and children alike!

In this YouTube video, Dr. Shelly Jones discusses the origins of her book and provides additional insight into the lives of some of the women profiled in it. She also suggests ways that the book can be used to enrich classroom teaching.

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