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Fantastic Flexagons

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Are you ready to flip out? Hexaflexagons are six-sided, flat paper models that can be made to reveal hidden images through a series of flexes and folds. Flexagons were first introduced in a column written by Martin Gardner for Scientific American. From there, people started folding and figuring out creative ways to craft these interesting origami-like objects.

Included in this delightful book are instructions and material to create hexaflexagons, tri-tetra flexagons, cubes, flexacubes, and more! Flexing kaleidocycles are shapes formed by taking several tetrahedra (four-sided 3D shapes) and joining their edges to form a ring, which can then be rotated so that it turns inside out to display a multitude different colors, shapes, and designs!

This book containss:

- A brief introduction on the history of hexaflexagons
- Instructions on how to make 13 different fun flexagon models
- 40 pages of easy tear-out pages with pieces to assemble your hexaflexagons

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