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The Puzzle Universe: A History of Mathematics in 315 Puzzles

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The Puzzle Universe is intended for general readers and devoted puzzlers, but it has also found its way into school libraries and curricula.  It is about the latent beauty of mathematics, its history and the puzzles that have emerged from the science of numbers.  It is full of challenging historical facts, thinking puzzles, paradoxes, illusions and problem solving.

A historical and pedagogical dimension sets The Puzzle Universe apart. The 315 puzzles are described in extended captions that explain in easy terms the story of the puzzles' origins and attempts to solve them, the value of puzzles to education, and the development of the mathematical sciences in light of recent research and unmet challenges. There are many profiles of great mathematicians.

The puzzles appear in a dynamic layout for a visual experience that is the author's trademark. There are ten chapters complete with answers. Icons rate the challenge and indicate the tools needed (pencil, scissors, ruler and, of course, your thinking cap).

With this book, Ivan Moscovich invites readers to join him in the puzzle universe, an edifying environment of creative discovery, problem solving and fun.

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