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Life on the Infinite Farm

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Pay a visit to the Infinite Farm! In Life on the Infinite Farm, mathematician and award-winning children's book author Richard Schwartz teaches about infinity and curved space through stories of whimsical farm animals. Join Gracie, the shoe-loving cow with infinitely many feet, Hammerwood, the gum-loving crocodile with an endless mouth, and their friends as they navigate the challenges that come with being infinitely large. Children as young as 5 will enjoy the lighthearted illustrations and the fanciful approach to infinity. Older students (and even adult professional mathematicians) will also appreciate the more advanced ideas and geometric references. The two approaches are woven together to appeal to a wide audience, from budding mathematicians to hardcore geometers. A Guide for Teachers and Parents is freely available with both simple and advanced lesson plans. Additionally, page-by-page Notes on the Infinite Farm are also available. These notes are intended for a sophisticated mathematical audience but, perhaps, will be of some interest to people who are not mathematicians.

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