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Galton Board

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The Galton Board is math in motion, demonstrating centuries-old mathematical concepts in a modern compact device. It incorporates Sir Francis Galton’s illustration of the binomial distribution, which, for a large number of beads approximates the normal distribution. It also superimposes Pascal’s Triangle, which is the triangular array of binomial coefficients. The binomial coefficient positioned at a given peg counts the number of different paths a bead could take to travel from the top peg to that peg. The Fibonacci numbers can be found as the sums of certain diagonals in the array. At this time, Galton Boards are being shipped directly from the manufacturer. Please note that MoMath and its partners are working hard to get your orders shipped in a timely manner. To ensure the safety of our vendors, some items may take longer to process and ship to adhere to quarantine and isolation regulations. MoMath cannot guarantee an arrival date for your shipment.
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