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Math Encounters | The Man Who Loved Only Numbers (DVD)

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Explore the relationship between genius, madness, obsession, and creativity with bestselling author, journalist, and TV personality Paul Hoffman. Hoffman will discuss the legendarily eccentric Paul Erdős, who, for more than two decades, lived out of two tattered bags, crisscrossing four continents and chasing mathematical problems in pursuit of lasting beauty and ultimate truth. Then join Courant Institute professor Joel Spencer in an intriguing game based on the mathematics Erdős loved. Presented by Paul Hoffman, with a special introduction by James Jorasch, founder of Science House and prolific inventor (400+ patents); recently named “Father of Invention” by Psychology Today. — MoMath was proud to present Paul Hoffman as the speaker for our May, 2011 Math Encounters event. Math Encounters is a new public presentation series celebrating the spectacular world of mathematics and presented by the Simons Foundation and the Museum of Mathematics. To learn more about Math Encounters, please visit
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