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Artful Math Activity Book

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The wonderful thing about mathematical art is that the most beautiful geometric patterns can be produced without needing to be able to draw, or be ‘good at art’. Mathematical art is accessible to learners of all ages: its algorithmic nature means that it simply requires the ability to follow instructions carefully and to use a pencil and ruler accurately. It is engaging, enriching, thoroughly enjoyable and is a great leveller in the classroom. Learners who may not normally shine in mathematics lessons will take your breath away with their creativity. Those who struggle with their mathematics will experience the joy of success through their mathematical art-making. The six Artful Maths activities in this book are hands-on tasks that will develop important skills such as hand-eye co-ordination, manual dexterity and design thinking, which is a valuable form of problem-solving. Decisions need to be made about placement, size and colour, all of which entail thinking about measurements, proportions and symmetry. They can be undertaken alone or with a teacher to draw out the mathematics underlying the patterns and to practice key content in the school curriculum.


For ages 9 to 16+.

Contents: Curves of Pursuit, Mazes and Labyrinths, Impossible Objects, Epicycloids,Perfect Proportions, Parabolic Curves.

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