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Arithmetical, Geometrical and Combinatorial Puzzles from Japan, Kitazawa

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The vibrant recreational mathematics culture of Japan presents puzzles that are often quite different from the classics of western literature. This book is the first collection of original puzzles by Tadao Kitazawa, a prominent Japanese puzzle-maker. These puzzles, which feature arithmetic, geometry, and combinatorics, are novel, creative, and require almost no formal mathematical knowledge. Kitazawa is particularly skillful in subtly modifying existing ideas to explore their potential to the full. For one example, a Tower Square is a Sudoku-like grid, but each row and column contains one 1, two 2s, three 3s, etc. The resulting transformation of the familiar problem is magical, and it is one of a variety of gems in this book. The common denominator is fun!

Undergraduate and graduate students and researchers interested in recreational math.
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