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Pythagorize the Flatiron T-Shirt Zoom

Pythagorize the Flatiron T-Shirt

Celebrate your involvement and support of MoMath!

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On December 5, 2013, Manhattan will see an awesome, one-of-a-kind spectacle when the National Museum of Mathematics, New York's newest museum landmark, presents a math event that lights up one of the city's oldest landmarks: the Flatiron Building. In what might be one of the most unusual events of this holiday season, MoMath will create a stunning illuminated demonstration of the Pythagorean Theorem. By surrounding the entire structure with glow sticks, held in place by hundreds of New Yorkers, the length of the shimmering sides will show that the Flatiron Building is roughly based on a 5-12-13 right triangle. (It’s no coincidence that this event takes place on the only date in the next 92 years that includes this famous Pythagorean triple.) A further, even larger, display of three huge squares will form a demonstration of the famous theorem: a2 + b2 = c2.

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